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There are many benefits of using infrared thermal imaging on your home inspection. Such as allowing your home inspector to find deficiencies in the home which may otherwise go unseen until it becomes a significant problem. Other inspectors will only guess about those problems during their inspection, but not us!

Infrared thermal imaging can help reveal problems with moisture, electrical systems, inadequate insulation, HVAC systems, structural issues, plumbing leaks, and much more.

Grand Slam Inspections is certified and uses this advanced technology on EVERY inspection to provide you a superior inspection service.

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Benefits of Using Infrared Technology on Home Inspections

  • Water Intrusion

  • Cold air infiltration

  • Excessive moisture in building materials

  • Stud / Joist / Beam / Rafter placement and structure

  • Insulation gaps, insufficient and unevenness

  • Electrical drops, panels, breakers, switches and wire connections

  • Heating and cooling duct placement, insulation, air leaks

  • Pipe location

  • Special Inspections

  • Pest infestation

  • Energy audits

  • Insurance claims

Frequently Asked Questions About Infrared Thermal Imaging

Why do you include a thermal imaging inspection for free?

The truth is, I still don’t think that the general public understands what they are leaving on the table when they forego a thermal imaging inspection. After spending well above 10k dollars on equipment and training, it would make sense to monetize my services. However, my goal is to provide the absolute best inspection for my clients, and that’s just not possible without a thermal imaging inspection.

Because it’s “free” does that mean you use a low-grade camera?

Not at all. I use a commercial grade thermal imaging camera on every inspection. My favorite thermal camera for home inspections is a Flir E60bx. The IR resolution (320×240 pixels), temperature range and accuracy is more than capable of delivering the results that my clients need.

Will you scan the exterior of the home with the thermal camera?

There are windows of opportunity where a thermal imaging scan on the exterior of a home can be beneficial. Unfortunately, to yield reliable and actionable results, the thermal imaging scan would need to take place at times when it is not compatible with a home inspection. If you are interested in a specialty thermal imaging scan, please contact us and we will accommodate your needs if possible.

If you find a defect with your thermal camera, will you provide any documentation?

Yes. I include a separate section in my report for thermal imaging defects. I will include a thermal image of the defect as well as a visible light photo for help with location.

Will you make a return visit if you were unable to manipulate the thermal envelope or if the weather conditions were not conducive to a thermal imaging scan?

As with all non-destructive testing applications, there are limitations. I will always strive to make the best of the given situation, but I do not offer return trips free of charge just to maximize the thermal conditions. There is still value in performing a thermal imaging scan on days when the ambient temperature is uncooperative (75 degrees F+/-10) as it is still possible to locate electrical hazards and water infiltration from interior and exterior sources.

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