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360° photos get attention! Studies show that 75% of potential home buyers preferred virtual tours over photographs and that these tours influenced their home-buying decisions. Most real estate agents and home sellers still use photos turned into a slide show for their home listings, what year are we living in again? Statistics overwhelmingly show that when these images are available online, people searching for homes will go first to the virtual tour to see what it feels like actually to be standing inside the home and look around. It is an extraordinarily powerful way to attract people and get them interested. At Blueberry Inspections LLC, we are a Google Trusted Photographer and a Level 5 Local Guide.

Show potential buyers what it feels like to walk through your beautiful home. I use a high-quality Google recommended 360° camera with a specially designed slim profile tripod so that almost no indication of the camera is in the picture. (This is not easy to do, as the nature of 360° photography is that the double-sided synchronized lenses can capture everything, including the camera itself).

Call today to schedule your real estate virtual tour photo shoot. Get your beautiful home showcased on MLS listing the way your clients want to see it - In full 360° panorama view.

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What are the benefits of Virtual Tours for Real Estate Agents?

Rise Above The Competition

The real estate market is always changing, and so is real estate marketing technology. Today, merely having professional photos of your listing in a slideshow is not enough to capture homebuyers’ attention, let alone get them to inquire about your home. With the advancement in technology, homebuyers want to be able to search all of the available listings in their desired area and get a comprehensive tour of each one from the comfort of their own home, and a virtual tour does just that. If you don’t have virtual tours of your listings, your competitors are a step ahead of you.

Share With Ease

Virtual tours are so valuable because they can easily be shared via social media, email, text, etc., getting your listings in more hands. Virtual tours are the perfect content for email marketing and your social media pages because they are interactive and engaging, which will help send prospective homebuyers to your site. Virtual tours also make it easier for potential homebuyers to share their favorite properties with friends and family and get their input.

Potential Homebuyers Will Love It

With the freedom to walk through listed properties whenever they choose, potential homebuyers can spend as much time as they want touring listings through virtual tours until they find and fall in love with the home of their dreams. Virtual tours allow homebuyers to become very familiar with the property and easily picture their lives inside the home — giving them an incentive to make an offer.

Have An Open House 24-7

Open houses used to be the best way to get a large number of potential buyers to view your home, but not anymore. Virtual tours are so immersive that it’s like you are touring the home in person, except you don’t have to wait for an open house or schedule a showing. With a few simple clicks of a button, potential homebuyers can tour any listing no matter the day of the week or time and feel what it's like to walk through the home.

Save Time and Money

Why waste your time hosting open houses and giving private showings to people who only want to view the property, and aren’t all that interested in purchasing it? With virtual tours, you can weed out lookie-loos and make your listings available to serious home buyers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week — saving you both time and money. 

More Sales In Less Time

Because virtual tours are so interactive and being able to share them is so easy, thus able to reach such a broad audience, more homebuyers will inevitably inquire on your listings with the motivation to buy, resulting in more sales in less time.

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While everybody else is following the leader with typicals listings... you can BE the leader and stand out above the crowd.

At Blueberry Inspections LLC in Raleigh, NC, we will transform your home into a virtual tour experience that will make home buyers feel like they are physically on a tour of your home. Selling your listed homes and helping prospective home buyers find their dream home has never been easier than it is with a virtual tour. So why make your job more complicated than it has to be? Contact us today to learn more about our real estate virtual tour services and request a shoot.

We're looking forward to helping you stand out from the noise, increase the views on your listings, and ultimately sell more homes and maximize your profitability.

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360° Virtual Tour for Real Estate Pricing

This service is only available when I am not booked up with home inspections

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